Episode 1 – McCartney

While dealing with the break-up of The Beatles, Paul McCartney recorded his first solo album, McCartney, at home (mostly). In Episode 1, Ryan and Chris explore this difficult but fruitful period for Sir Paul. Highlights include “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Every Night,” and “Junk.”

Listen to the MP3 audio now (116.4 MB, 50:43)

Email us: takeitawaypodcast@gmail.com

Discussion includes:
00:00 “The Lovely Linda”
04:54 “That Would Be Something”
10:35 “Valentine Day”
15:45 “Every Night”
22:20 “Hot as Sun/Glasses/Suicide”
27:49 “Junk”
31:12 “Man We Was Lonely”
34:36 “Oo You”
36:05 “Momma Miss America”
37:02 “Teddy Boy”
38:08 “Singalong Junk”
40:25 “Maybe I’m Amazed”
45:47 “Kreen-Akrore”

Edited by George Ryan.


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