Episode 3 – Ram – Part 2 of 2

In an explosion of creativity, McCartney produces enough material for his first solo masterpiece, Ram (1971), and has enough left over for singles, B-sides, and even future album tracks. In part two, Ryan and Chris look into the fate of Ram’s voluminous high-quality outtake material.

Listen to the MP3 audio now (101.9 MB, 44:22)

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Discussion includes:
“Another Day”
“Oh Woman, Oh Why”
“Little Woman Love”
“A Love For You”
“Hey Diddle”
“Sunshine Sometime”
“Rode All Night”
“Great Cock and Seagull Race”
“Now Hear This Song of Mine”
“Get on the Right Thing”
“Little Lamb Dragonfly”
“I Lie Around”
“Dear Friend”


1 Comment

  1. Great podcast! Very thorough and in depth discussion of one of Paul’s greatest masterpieces! Thank you guys for all your hard work; I learned quite a few tidbits about this album that I didn’t know before.

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