Episode 8 – Wings at the Speed of Sound

In 1976, Paul McCartney triumphs with his new band Wings, enjoying number one hits and a blockbuster tour. In the last episode of Season One, Ryan and Chris cover these wings milestones and also find a moment to check in with George.

Listen to the MP3 audio now (193.2 MB, 84:16)

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Discussion includes:
“Let ‘Em In”
“The Note You Never Wrote”
“She’s My Baby”
“Beware My Love”
“Wino Junko”
“Silly Love Songs”
“Cook of the House”
“Time to Hide”
“Must Do Something About It”
“San Ferry Anne”
“Warm and Beautiful”



  1. Kinda agree about WATSOS being less than the sum of its parts. There are some really fantastic songs on the album and yet it feels “meh”. This, IMO, isn’t down to the democracy aspect like some reviewers state, but perhaps more the rush-release, product requirement aspect whilst on tour. If I’m right, this was recorded between the Wings Over Europe leg of the tour and the more famous and celebrated WOA part. To include 4 tracks from WATSOS (all on side 5 of the WOA album), they dropped Juniors Farm and Little Woman Love/C Moon mashup.

    Also, a little info on the Working Classical project. The 2 songs from WATSOS (along with My Love, Maybe I’m Amazed, Somedays, Calico Skies, Golden Earth Girl & The Lovely Linda) were songs specifically about or for Linda, chosen by Paul and played at her memorial service by a Quartet. Paul decided to formally record these and release them along with a few other tracks afterwards. It’s a tribute album in part.


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