Episode 9 – London Town

Chris and Ryan are back with Season 2 and one of Paul McCartney’s most unusual and yet rewarding and relaxing releases of the 1970s, London Town. With a working title of Water Wings, it is no surprise we find Paul and crew recording on a boat in the Virgin Islands. Album highlights include “Girlfriend,” “Don’t Let It Bring You Down,” as well as the number-one smash hit “With A Little Luck.”

Listen to the MP3 audio now (203.4 MB, 110:51)

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Discussion includes:
“London Town”
“Cafe on the Left Bank”
“I’m Carrying”
“Backwards Traveller”
“Cuff Link”
“Children Children”
“I’ve Had Enough”
“With a Little Luck”
“Famous Groupies”
“Deliver Your Children”
“Name and Address”
“Don’t Let It Bring You Down”
“Morse Moose and the Grey Goose”
“Girls’ School”
“Mull of Kintyre”
“B-Side to Seaside”
“Did We Meet Somewhere Before?”
“Same Time Next Year”
“After You’ve Gone”
“Boil Crisis”
“Agoo Mr. Didi”
“Frebird Drama”
“Jamacian Hilite”
“El Toro Passing”
“Running Round the Room”
“Standing Very Still”



  1. Love your podcast. Loved the London Town episode. I was nine years old in May of 1977. With a Little Luck was my gateway into McCartney and ultimately the Beatles. I collected all the vinyl editions of Macca’s LPs through Press to Play and as many picture sleeve 45’s as I could find, eventually selling my collection when I was in my 30s.

    In regard to With a Little Luck, I have seen a video of the Back to the Egg era Wings line-up rehearsing it, though I have never seen evidence of it being performed on their tour.

    Keep it up. Can’t wait for the next episode.


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  2. Fantastic episode. This helped me reconsider this album. A couple notes:

    1) This Song by George was written in response to his losing the My Sweet Lord plagiarism lawsuit (“This Song, don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright…”) and of course the video takes place in a courtroom.

    2) WATERSPOUT. When I first got my copy of Cold Cuts in the Napster era/late 90s, I was SHOCKED he had left this one on the cutting room floor. As an album cut it fits in perfectly. As a single/follow-up to With a Little Luck its a Top 10 hit. If he had wanted to save Daytime Nighttime Suffering for BTTE its a great b-side for Goodnight Tonight and hell, it probably fits on BTTE somewhere. One of his best songs. I put it on mix CDs for friends just to mess with people its so good..

    3) I have always thought about how to best re-sequence London Town into a cohesive whole.
    After hearing the podcast:
    SIDE ONE – 1. London Town/2. Cafe on the Left Banke/3. I’m Carrying/4. Waterspout/5. Girlfriend/6. I’ve Had Enough
    SIDE TWO – 1. With a Little Luck/2. Deliver Your Children/3. Don’t Let It Bring You Down/4. Backwards Traveler/5. Morse Moose and the Grey Goose

    My calculations put that at 22:30 – 23:00 per side, meaning the album’s sonics don’t need to be compromised. That’s a nice euro-pop modern sounding album. Waterspout would be the follow-up to With a Little Luck, and you’d think would be at least a Top 15 hit.

    Thanks for a great podcast!


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