Episode 10 – Back to the Egg

As the 1970s come to a close, Wings takes its last flight with Back to the Egg. McCartney’s answer to New Wave, the album features a brand-new Wings lineup, a dizzying array of genres, and incredible LP artwork. Although commercially unsuccessful, Back to the Egg is revered in the McCartney canon as an underground fan favorite. Love it or hate it, Chris and Ryan give their spin (it on) on it.

Listen to the MP3 audio now (199.9 MB, 108:58)

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Discussion includes:
“Getting Closer”
“We’re Open Tonight”
“Spin It On”
“Again and Again and Again”
“Old Siam, Sir”
“Arrow Through Me”
“Rockestra Theme”
“To You”
“After the Ball”
“Million Miles”
“Winter Rose”
“Love Awake”
“The Broadcast”
“So Glad to See You Here”
“Baby’s Request”
“Daytime Nighttime Suffering”
“Goodnight Tonight”
“Boil Crisis”
“Give Us a Chord Roy”
“Praying Mantis Heart”
“Rupert Song”
“Seattle Build Up”
“Take Me to the Garden”



  1. Just discovered this fab podcast. Living it so far.

    A quick note though on this episode. Unless my memory is faulty, which it may be, the title “Back to the Egg” was derived from the fact that Macca and Wings has re-signed to Parlaphone in the UK.

    I remember there was a big deal about it at the time.

    Btw… I love this album 🙃🙂🙃🙂


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