Episode 12 – Tug of War

After McCartney II, Paul and the world suffered the horrible loss of John Lennon in 1980. Tug of War picks up the plot in 1982 with Paul’s touching tribute to his brother Beatle “Here Today”; two duets with Stevie Wonder, including the smash hit “Ebony & Ivory”; and collaborators like former Beatles producer George Martin, Ringo Starr, Eric Stewart, and Carl Perkins. We named our podcast after a song on this album. You might want to stop and listen up to this one. Take it away, take it away ….

Listen to the MP3 audio now (271 MB, 1:58:23)

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This episode edited since initial publication.

Discussion includes:
“Tug of War”
“Take It Away”
“Somebody Who Cares”
“What’s That You’re Doing?”
“Here Today”
“Ballroom Dancing”
“The Pound Is Sinking”
“Get It”
“Be What You See”
“Dress Me Up as a Robber”
“Ebony and Ivory”
“Ebony and Ivory (Solo Version)”
“Stop, You Don’t Know Where She Came From”
“I’ll Give You a Ring”
“Unbelievable Experience”
“Robber’s Ball”
“Seems Like Old Times”
“Peruvian Birdsong”
“Simon’s Wigwam”
“My Old Friend”



  1. Spike Milligan was a musician originally, but gained fame as a founding member of the innovative Goons, a comedy team which included Peter Sellers and whose surrealist humour was a huge influence on John Lennon, Dick Lester and Monty Python. The Goons had a long-running BBC radio show, made movies and released records produced by one George Martin!


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