Episode 18 – Return to Pepperland

We are back for Season Three! From 1984 to 1987, Paul McCartney recorded an abundance of new material. Although not canon, Return to Pepperland is a canceled album (some say) originally slated for release in 1987 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Now mainly a curio, this bootleg album makes for a convenient catch-all for the stellar (and less than stellar) material from this period—songs written in the early ’70s, polished gems not released until the late ’90s, and a few fantastic tunes that remain in the MPL vaults. Press play to hear more because this is an episode for true Paul McCartney fans. Good news too, it’s not a mile away. Stick around till the end for a special appreciation of our listeners.

Listen to the MP3 audio now (273.9 MB, 01:59:26)

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Discussion includes:
“I Love This House”
“We Got Married”
“Beautiful Night”
“Loveliest Thing”
“Big Day”
“This One”
“Love Come Tumbling Down”
“Christian Pop”
“Atlantic Ocean”
“Love Mix”
“Return To Pepperland”
“P.S. Love Me Do”
“Same Love”
“Don’t Break the Promise”
“Once Upon a Long Ago (Long version)”
“Back On My Feet”
“Tropic Island Hum”
“Politics of Love”
“Figure of Eight”
“Sgt. Pepper”
“Christian Bop”
“New Moon Over Jamaica”
“The White Coated Man”
“Your School”
“Kiss Me Now”
“All Rocked Out”
“Spanish Hop”
“Latin Walk”
“Rhythm Walk”
“Up and At ‘Em Girl”
“Fuzz Guitar”
“In Liverpool”
“Indigo Moon”
“Mambo Me Baby”
“Grand Entrance”
“So Long Blackie”
“Guitar Fuzz Riff”
“D Backing Track”
“Strange Sounds”
“Motor of Love”
“Heraldic Fanfare”
“Current Affairs”
“James and Dad Jam”
“Come Back”
“Weird Drama Oscillator”
“Riff Ma-Tick”
“Sunshine In Your Hair”
“Give Me Your Love”
“Grandpa’s Song”
“Get A Hold On Yourself Tonight”
“Rhodes Piece”
“Acoustic Guitar Instrumental”
“Akai Linn Drum Demos”
“Church Mice”
“Hot Soup Jammin’ Fools”
“Drum Tracks”
“Tremolo Guitar and Vocal”
“Acoustic Tremolo Piece”
“Rain On The Rising Sun”
“Guitar Chorus Piece”
“Moog Backing Track”

Correction: Phil Ramone’s last collaboration with Billy Joel was 1986’s The Bridge, not, as stated in this episode, 1983‘s An Innocent Man. 4/19/19



  1. What a pleasure to listen every episode of your podcast. It brings so much good music, trivia and details information. I like it. There is a new episode out, I will listen to it on my way to work along the Seine River, passing by the Eiffel Tower. I do not know where you are but you have an aficionado and a donor from Paris. Cheers. Nicolas


  2. It’s a Great Podcast!!! I love every episode and think that it’s very interesting and fun. I always learn something new about Paul, I didn’t know before.
    But this episode is the best!!! Until I heard it, I didn’t knew about »Return to Pepperland « !
    I hope that »Flowers in the dirt« will be as good as this episode was! Can’t wait to hear it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for these marvelous podcasts. It’s so hard to pin Paul McCartney down in any one thing. For me, apart from his innate talent it’s the freedom and almost reckless abandon with which he applies it to any area his ever open antennae takes him. That’s why his best work, live it or hate it always bears the hallmark of integrity and ability, from Frog Chorus to Golden Slumbers. In the future, generations will look back in wonder that one person could be so many things and often, ‘damn’ 😉 good at them too! Thanks so much for pulling so much info together and packaging it up with your thoughts. A joy.


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