Episode 21 – Off the Ground

After the heavily produced and commercially successful Flowers in the Dirt, plus the well received The Paul McCartney World Tour in 1989-1990, Paul decided his follow-up would be recorded “live in the studio.” 1993’s Off the Ground, the fruits from the 1991-1992 recording sessions, is a mixed bag. Off the Ground: The Complete Works, a collection of B-sides and songs that didn’t make the album, reveals many great songs lurking under the often flimsy surface of the official album. Highlights of the period include “Hope of Deliverance,” “Big Boys Bickering,” “Style Style,” “Get Out of My Way,” and the title track. The last of Paul’s writing collaboration with Elvis Costello (for now) appears on the album as well. C’mon people, won’t join us for this very fun episode? After all, it wouldn’t take a lot…to get off the ground.

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P.S. If you’re looking for the painting that inspired “Mistress and Maid,” click here.

Discussion includes:
“Off the Ground”
“Looking for Changes”
“Hope of Deliverance”
“Mistress and Maid”
“I Owe It All to You”
“Biker Like an Icon”
“Peace in the Neighbourhood”
“Golden Earth Girl”
“The Lovers That Never Were”
“Get Out of My Way”
“Winedark Open Sea”
“C’Mon People”
“Cosmically Conscious”

The Complete Works:
“Long Leather Coat”
“Keep Coming Back to Love”
“Sweet Sweet Memories”
“Things We Said Today”
“Midnight Special”
“Style Style”
“I Can’t Imagine”
“Cosmically Conscious (Full Song)”
“Kicked Around No More”
“Big Boys Bickering”
“Down to the River”
“Soggy Noodle”

“In Liverpool”
“Cello in the Ruins”
“A Fine Day”
“Hotel In Benidorm”
“Is It Raining in London?”
“Calico Skies”
“Great Day”
“I Lost My Little Girl”
“If I Were Not Upon The Stage”
“Inner City Madness”
“If You Say So”
“A Quiet Moment”
“Drum Tracks”
“Higgy Baggers Guitar Course”
“Incredible Thing”
“Jacket In Clubland”
“Jam 18”
“Jam 22”
“Little Daisy Root”
“Liverpool Suite #2”
“Liverpool Suite #5”
“Magic Lamp”
“On A Pedestal”
“Pull Away”
“Sexual Ealing”
“Simple Song”
“Someone Rocking My…”
“Wedding Invitation”
“Wish You Were Mine”
“You’re Shaking (The Hand)”



  1. Another fun episode! Thanks so much! I appreciate your show! Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to Flamingo Pie as it is a favorite of mine!

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  2. Love the podcast, and agree with your assessment that McCartney could have put a bit more work into his lyrics on what is otherwise a pretty strong album. I know there is frequent speculation about McCartney’s approach to writing lyrics, and McCartney himself shed some light on the topic around the time that he was promoting Flowers in the Dirt. He was interviewed for a radio series called McCartney on McCartney and somewhere in the interview he talks about how he messes around with sounds until they form words which may be nonsense or may be a meaningful sentence. If you haven’t listened to these interviews I would recommend them to you.


  3. Thank you guys. Great episode, as always. With regards to the sound check song “Hotel in Benidorm”, i can help a bit to clarify it to you americans. Benidorm is a holiday resort in Spain. It is tremendously popular with cheap package holiday makers. During the sixties and seventies, what had been no more than a fisher’s cove, grew into a huge turistic emporium. Hotels were been built everywhere. Then, news sterted to appear in the british papers, that operators had book acomodations in unfinished hotels. When the holidaymakers arrived there, they found that they had to spend their vacation in abuiñding site. Those bizarre and amusing stories, read in the press, must have stayed with Paul and came all out during that sound check session.

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