Episode 22 – Songs Paul Gave Away

Going back to his Beatle days, Paul McCartney wrote many songs for other artists. Join Chris and Ryan along with author and Beatles expert Andrew Grant Jackson (Still The Greatest) for this special episode on the songs Paul gave away. We venture back to The Beatles’ humble beginnings and walk through every song we could uncover up to present day. Artists discussed include Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas, The Fourmost, Cilla Black, The Rolling Stones, Peter & Gordon, P.J. Proby, Mary Hopkin, Badfinger, John Christie, Peggy Lee, Rod Stewart, The Everly Brothers, Diana Krall, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and more. If you want it, here it is, come and get it!

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This episode edited since initial publication. (6/10/18)

Song Artist Writer Year
I’ll Be On My Way Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas Paul 26 April 1963
Bad To Me Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas John 26 July 1963
Hello Little Girl Fourmost John 30 August 1963
I’ll Keep You Satisfied Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas Paul 1 November 1963
I’m in Love The Fourmost / The New Breed John 15 November 1963
Love of the Loved Cilla Black Paul September 27, 1963
I Wanna Be Your Man The Rolling Stone Paul 1 November 1963 (UK) March 1964 (US)
Tip of My Tongue Tommy Quickly Paul August 1963
A World Without Love Peter & Gordon Paul 28 February 1964
I Call Your Name Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas John + Paul 19 June 1964
From A Window Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas Paul 17 July 1964
I Don’t Want to See You Again Peter & Gordon Paul 9 September 1964 (UK) / 21 September 1964 (US)
It’s For You Cilla Black Paul 31 July 1964
Like Dreamers Do The Applejacks Paul 5 June 1964
Nobody I Know Peter & Gordon Paul 29 May 1964 (UK) 15 June 1964 (US)
One and One is Two The Strangers w/ Mike Hannon Paul 1964
That Means a Lot P.J. Proby Paul 1965
Love In The Open Air George Martin Orchestra Paul 1966
Woman Peter & Gordon Paul 10 January 1966 (USA)
11 February 1966 (UK)
Catcall Chris Barbers Jazz Band Paul 1967
Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance Twiggy Paul 1968
Step Inside Love Cilla Black Paul 8 March 1968
Thingumybob Black Dyke Mills Band Paul 1968
Sour Milk Sea Jackie Lomax George 26 August 1968
Goodbye Mary Hopkin Paul 1969
Penina Carlos Mendes Paul 1969
Penina Jotta Herre Paul 1970
Badge Cream George February 1969 (album) March 1969 (US single) April 1969 (UK single)
Come and Get It Badfinger Paul 12 January 1970
4th of July John Christie Paul 1974
Let’s Love Peggy Lee Paul 1974
Mine For Me Rod Stewart Paul 1974
Pure Gold Ringo Paul 1976
Attention Ringo Paul 1981
Private Property Ringo Paul 1981
Honorary Consul John Williams Paul 1983
On The Wings of a Nightingale The Everly Brothers Paul 1984
Yvonne’s The One 10cc Paul 1995
If I Take You Home Tonight Diana Krall Paul 2016
Songbird in a Cage Charlotte Gainsbourg Paul 2017
My Sweet Lord Billy Preston George 1970
All Things Must Pass Billy Preston George 1970
Sing One For Lord Billy Preston George 1970
Ain’t That Cute Doris Troy George 1970
Give Me Back My Dynamite Doris Troy George + Ringo 1970
Gonna Get My Baby Back Doris Troy George + Ringo 1970
Jacob’s Ladder Doris Troy George + Ringo 1970
You Give Me Joy Joy Doris Troy George + Ringo 1970
Try Some Buy Some Ronnie Spector George 1971
Tandoori Chicken Ronnie Spector George 1971
God Save Us Bill Elliot & The Elastic Oz Band John + Yoko 1971
You And Me (Babe) Ringo George 1973
I’m The Greatest Ringo John 1973
Rock And Roller Billy Lawrie Ringo 1973
Mucho Mungo Harry Nilsson John 1974
(It’s All Da-Da-Down To) Goodnight Vienna Ringo Starr John 1974
Fame (45 Edit) David Bowie John 1975
Band Of Steel Guthrie Thomas Ringo 1975
Cookin’ (In The Kitchen Of Love) Ringo Starr John 1976
I’ll Still Love You Ringo Starr George 1976
How Long Can Disco On Harry Nilsson Ringo + Harry 1980
Wrack My Brain Ringo Starr George 1981
Run So Far Eric Clapton George 1989
That Kind Of Woman Eric Clapton George 1990
That Kind Of Woman Gary Moore George 1990


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