Episode 24 – Flaming Pie – Part 2 of 2

We are back for the second helping of Flaming Pie. Chris and Ryan are joined by special guests Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor from the Sodajerker podcast on this two part mega-episode on 1997’s Flaming Pie. Because of The Beatles Anthology, Paul McCartney refreshed his record making approach on this album. We close out the second half of Flaming Pie and dig deep into the extras. We always came back to the songs we were … talking about. Yes, we always came back.

Listen to the MP3 audio (183.6 MB, 01:20:00)

Email us: takeitawaypodcast@gmail.com

Discussion includes:
“Heaven on a Sunday”
“Used to Be Bad”
“Little Willow”
“Really Love You”
“Beautiful Night”
“Great Day”
“Looking For You”
“Love Come Tumbling Down”

“Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue”
“The Ballad of the Skeletons”
“Little Children”
“Soul Boy”
“(Sweet Home) Country Girl”
“Stella May Day”
“Whole Life”
“Come on Baby Won’t You Come Home With Me”
“Welcome to the Castle”
“Penny Lane / Baby Don’t You Do It”
“A Room With A View”
“Dream Come True”
“Let Me Love You Always”
“Hey Now (What Are You Looking at Me For?)”
“Twelve of The Clock”
“Wings of A Lightest Weight”

“Find Love”
“Chemical Soup”
“Another Idea”
“Wait In The Dark”
“I Got Love”
“Can’t Get Through To You”
“Check It Out”
“If You Ever”
“Jack Be Nimble”
“Give Me The Right To Freedom”
“You Don’t Have Nothing”
“While Away The Hours”
“Cello In The Ruins”
“Changing Minds”

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