Episode 25 – Driving Rain

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … let’s go for a drive through Paul McCartney’s 2001 album Driving Rain on our Season 3 finale. Arguably a critical and commercial failure (although possibly not), this episode walks through what some feel is the nadir of Macca’s cannon. Highlights include “From a Lover to a Friend,” “Magic,” Your Way,” and “Your Loving Flame.” Stick around for a few interesting extras. Anyone tries to take it away, they’ll have to answer, ’cause this is my right, we’re talkin’ about Driving Rain.

Listen to the MP3 audio (260.5 MB, 01:53:38)

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Discussion includes:
“Try Not to Cry”
“Run Devil Run”
“What It Is”
“Lonely Road”
“From A Lover To A Friend”
“She’s Given Up Talking”
“Driving Rain”
“I Do”
“Tiny Bubble”
“Your Way”
“Spinning On An Axis”
“About You”
“Back In The Sunshine Again”
“Your Loving Flame”
“Riding Into Jaipur”
“Rinse The Raindrops”
“Vanilla Sky”
“You Are Still Here”
“Always Be There”
“If This Is Wrong”
“Mist Over Central Park”
“Purple Daddio (Up The Radio)”
“Shadow Cycle”
“Waiting For Your Train”
‘Album for Heather’
“From a Lover to a Friend (David Kahne remix 1)”
“From a Lover to a Friend (David Kahne remix 2)”
“Driving Rain (Remix)”
“Lonely Road (Remix)”
“Your Loving Flame (Remix)”
“So Bad (Duet with Lindsay Pagano)”
“Hurt Myself”
“Inside Thing (Let ’em In) (with Lulu)”



  1. Great review as per usual of a difficult and somewhat depressing album made by a broken man at the time. Not his greatest work but still worth patience and time. Thanks again for the terrific podcast.


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