Episode 27 – Memory Almost Full

After the smash success of Chaos and Creation, Paul McCartney followed up with Memory Almost Full, another excellent almost refreshing album produced by David Kahne. Taken from a cell phone, the title describes both modern day life and Paul’s songwriting reflections on the album. He explores his “early days” and even gives us a glimpse of the end with the second to last track on the LP. Highlights include “Ever Present Past,” “Only Mama Knows,” and “The End of the End.” Well, you can come on to our place if you want to, you can do anything you want to do, but listen to this episode first.

Listen to the MP3 audio (246.2 MB, 01:47:21)

Email us: takeitawaypodcast@gmail.com

Note the sizable difference in mastering between the CD and vinyl versions of Memory Almost Full.

Discussion includes:
“Dance Tonight”
“Ever Present Past”
“See Your Sunshine”
“Only Mama Knows”
“You Tell Me”
“Mr. Bellamy”
“Vintage Clothes”
“That Was Me”
“Feet in the Clouds”
“House of Wax”
“The End of the End”
“Nod Your Head”
“Why So Blue”
“Dance Tonight (Acoustic version)”
“In Private”
“Why So Blue”
“Paul talks about the music of Memory Almost Full”
“My Soul”
“Boots and Sand”
“Drive My Car”
“Dance Tonight”
“House of Wax”
“Nod Your Head”
“Only Mama Knows”
“Dance Tonight (Music Video)”
“Ever Present Past (Music Video)”
“Miami Beach”
“Rain Go Away Song”
“Soundcheck Jazz Riff”


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