Episode 30 – NEW

After a six year wait, five if you count The Fireman project, Paul McCartney returned with 2013’s NEW. Mark Ronson, Paul Epworth, Giles Martin, and Ethan Johns take up production duties to varying degrees of efficacy. This is a fun late-era McCartney spin. Highlights include “New,” “Queenie Eye,” “Early Days,” and more. Is this one of Paul McCartney’s best albums of all time? Is this one of our best podcasts? Don’t look at me, it’s way too soon to see.

Listen to the MP3 audio (258.7 MB, 01:52:50)

Email us: takeitawaypodcast@gmail.com

Discussion includes:
“Save Us”
“On My Way to Work”
“Queenie Eye”
“Early Days”
“Everybody Out There”
“I Can Bet”
“Looking at Her”
“Turned Out”
“Get Me Out of Here”
“Hell to Pay”
“Demons Dance”
“Save Us” (live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
“New” (live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
“Queenie Eye” (live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
“Everybody Out There” (live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
“Secret Life of a Party Girl”
“Meat Free Monday”
“I Want To Come Home”
“Cut Me Some Slack”
“Walk With You” (Ringo Starr)
“Hope for the Future”
“Best Love” (Steve Martin)
“Only One” (Kanye West)
“FourFiveSeconds” (Kanye West)
“All Day” (Kanye West)


  1. Wasn’t there also „kisses on the bottom ” in 2012? So it’s actually just 1 year between the last Macca record and „new”. Or did you only mean the release of completely new original Paul-material?


  2. Will listen this weekend – but is it an all time classic? idk. I don’t think it ranks with any of his 70s or even 80s material. But if we’re talking over the last almost 20 years – I say Yes. My dividing line for recent McCartney material starts with “Driving Rain.” (2001) and “New” is eons better than that record, imo.


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