Episode 32 – Live

Fancy a bit of rock’n’roll? If you’re like us, the answer is yes. Join us as we walk through Paul’s live albums and performances. Please note, this episode is an overview and is not intended to be definitive. This episode is very fun, and you will not want to miss it. Paul IS live, Jack!

Listen to the MP3 audio (271.4 MB, 01:58:22)

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Discussion includes:
Wings 1971-73
Bruce McMouse
The James Paul McCartney TV Special
One Hand Clapping
Wings Over America
Wings 1979 / Concert for the People of Kampuchea
The Prince’s Trust Show
Tripping the Live Fantastic
Put It There (Film)
Paul is Live
Moving On (Film)
Live at the Cavern
‎The PeTA Concert For Party Animals
Back in the US
Concert for George
Back in the World
Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road
Paul McCartney in Red Square
Amoeba’s Secret
The Space Within US
Live at the Electric Ballroom
Live in Los Angeles
Good Evening New York City
Live at the White House – Gershwin Award performance June 2, 2010
The Last Play at Shea – July 16 + 18
iTunes Live from Capitol Studios
12 12 12 Concert
Live Material from NEW
Spotify Singles – Abbey Road
And more!



  1. At the end of Coming Up live he shouts ‘Kenny Dalglish’. Kenny is a former Celtic, Liverpool and Scottish football player.

    Kenny was and always will be ‘King Kenny’ or simply ‘The King’.


    Great show and series by the way.


  2. Good one! Cleary he didn’t really forget the lyrics to We Can Work It Out in Unpligged. He was just doing it to ingratiate himself to the audience and appear to be a “regular guy”, see also You Never give Me Your Money on a subsequent tour.


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