Episode 7 – Venus and Mars

In a wide-ranging episode, Ryan and Chris cover Wings’ great Venus and Mars. Along the way, they touch on Jimmy McColloch’s background, the “secret Wings album” McGear by Paul’s brother Mike, solo Beatles output from 1974, and even a little something from Paul’s dad.

Listen to the MP3 audio now (247.1 MB, 107:49)

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Discussion includes:
“Venus & Mars”
“Rock Show”
“Love In Song”
“You Gave Me The Answer”
“Magneto and Titanium Man”
“Letting Go”
“Venus and Mars (Reprise)”
“Spirits of Ancient Egypt”
“Medicine Jar”
“Call Me Back Again”
“Listen to What The Man Said”
“Treat Her Gently / Lonely Old People”
“Junior’s Farm”
“Sally G”
“Walking In The Park With Eloise”
“Bridge On The River Suite”
“My Carnival”
“Lunch Box / Odd Sox”
“4th of July”
“Let’s Love”
“Baby Face”



  1. Really loving the podcast, guys. I’m a huge solo Paul fan so I’ve been having a blast listening to your takes on his many songs – especially the obscure ones. That said, am I the only he one who really enjoys Medicine Jar and Spirits of Ancient Egypt? I didn’t even realize they were badly received until now! My one weak spot on the album actually is Call Me Back Again. Great at 2.5 minutes, really, really overstretched at 5. Great vocal and I know Paul himself loves it but I don’t think it has enough musical ideas to stretch on for so long.


  2. Great episode. I have to say that, after a period of thinking that V&M was really not so good, you’ve brought me back to it. It’ll never be a favorite, but I have a new appreciation for much of the record. That said, one of the things that’s always bugged me is the gauze-y SQ, something I didn’t fully appreciate until I heard the single mix of Letting Go, which is like a lightning bolt: clean, clear, and direct. I wish they would’ve taken that approach with the mix of the album itself.


  3. Ilan, you are not alone. I love Medicine Jar. It’s the only song off V&M that doesn’t seem to get improved by it’s WOA live version (for those that exist). I vastly prefer the live versions of all the others that make it into the set and onto the records – especially Listen to What the Man Said where I think the extra few beats per minute really lift it.

    Guys, I’m working my way through the archive having only discovered this last week as a result of hunting for any news about London Town and BTTE archive editions. I’m just about getting to the end of the Wings era… Loving it so far (although I do disagree here and there).


  4. Hello, really enjoyed listening to this podcast during the Great British Lockdown – and was amused about your comments concerning Paul’s version of the Crossroads theme. Crossroads was an ATV show about a Motel in central England – it was almost universally disliked by the young. I am slowly ploughing my way through the 70s albums – which I bought as a teenager – (so forgive me if I am jumping the gun here) but what about Paul’s theme for another very short running ATV series called “The Zoo Gang” in 1974? It must have been about this same time. The TV show was an adventure based in Nice on Paul Gallico’s book about five French Resistance members (each with an animal code name) who reunite to hunt down the man who betrayed them to the Gestapo. Anyway, it didn’t last very long as a TV series but Paul wrote and played the theme song (which the Crossroads theme reminded me about). Just thought I’d mention it. Apologies if it was considered elsewhere in another podcast! All best to you all. Ben

    ps I recently had a drink in the bar at The Argyle Arms – where Paul, Denny and Linda are said to have drank in the cocktail bar and formed Wings! Cheers…


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