Episode 23 – Flaming Pie – Part 1 of 2

This one is so big we turned it into two episodes. Chris and Ryan are joined by special guests Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor from the massive hit podcast Sodajerker on this two part mega-episode on 1997’s Flaming Pie. Because of The Beatles Anthology, Paul McCartney refreshed his record making approach on this album. We touch on “Free as a Bird,” “Real Love,” “Now and Then,” and dive head first into Flaming Pie and all of its extras. Go ahead. Have a vision. This is the one on Flaming Pie.

Listen to the MP3 audio (231.3 MB, 01:41:03)

Email us: takeitawaypodcast@gmail.com

Discussion includes:
“Free As a Bird”
“Real Love”
“Now and Then”
“The Song We Were Singing”
“The World Tonight”
“If You Wanna”
“Young Boy”
“Calico Skies”
“Flaming Pie”



  1. Great part time me. It would be boring if everyone agreed the tracks were all great. I’m somewhere between Chris and Ryan. Best songs, Calico Skies to s you be of his beat songs period. Young Boy beautifully melodic, Souvenir and Beautiful Night both fine songs. Great Day might have been a good opener and the album suffers from a lot of 90s CDs – too long. All In all a thoroughly cosy listen.


  2. Great podcast series. Beginning to wonder if Chris is becoming something of a contrarian, loving Press to Play and disliking this. These are somewhat strange views. One being pretty much unlistenable, the other being one of his finest works. There are a couple of dud tracks on this album mainly involving Steve Miller, but also some magnificent songs. I would rank Souvenir in his top 10 solo tracks for one. Obviously not in Chris’s top 100 though! If the pattern is to be repeated I am guessing Chris will love the largely derided Driving Rain, I await that episode with anticipation …


  3. Chris, what have you need smoking!!! ‘Somedays’ is just ok, and yet you love ‘Talk More Talk’ !!!

    Great show, best podcast !!


  4. I think if this had been the first episode I’d heard, I wouldn’t listen to any others, because Chris’ opinions are so way off base, I’m just pissed off listening to him.


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