Episode 11 – McCartney II

After Wings’ dissolution, Macca hid at home and recorded another truly solo album in the vein of 1970’s McCartney. Paul is responsible for nearly everything on this record. The real difference this time around? Synthesizers. Despite its experimental nature, the album birthed the number-one hit single “Coming Up” – a favorite of John Lennon’s. Believe it or not, the perennial “Wonderful Christmastime” originates from these sessions. Is this album true genius or absolute garbage? Well I said nobody knows!

Listen to the MP3 audio now (169.5 MB, 92:21)

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Discussion includes:
“Coming Up”
“Temporary Secretary”
“On the Way”
“Nobody Knows”
“Front Parlour”
“Summer’s Day Song”
“Frozen Jap”
“Bogey Music”
“One of These Days”
“You Know I’ll Get You Baby”
“All You Horse Riders”
“Blue Sway”
“Mr H Atom”
“Bogey Wobble”
“Wonderful Christmastime”
“Secret Friend”
“Check My Machine”
“Give Us a Chord Roy”
“I Can’t Write Another Song”


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